Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Joshua Camp

After I arrived Our Saviour's Church... eh? where are those monkeys!? Oh, they have gone shopping... then they came back, I asked them where is Isaiah? Isaiah did not follow them, then Rev Jacob told me Isaiah went for 8th ASOD gathering. Huh? Why didn't I know!?

On Sunday, almost all of us went to All Saints' Church, but Isaiah was lazy :-( Actually I think he should see more, since he wants to be a pastor... after service we went shopping in Bukit Bintang area... until night. So boring, nothing interests me :-(

Monday... Joshua Camp started... but most of us were late :P among us there were not only ASOD trainees, but also some older people and 3 adults - a couple and an old friend of Rev Jacob. We learnt that "full time serving" is not just becoming pastor, but actually we are all "full time serving" as we are "full time Christian". But this course is emphasizing on becoming pastor. We learnt something else such as the attitute of serving, etc. And Rev Stephen Chan and Rev Wong Chee Seong were also invited to share their stories.

Then the last day... we pass our ASOD magazine around to ask for signature... then in the afternoon we went to Sunway (except Isaiah - he went home). Actually at firstI couldn't go because no more seat for me. But later... eh? Simon... Dorcas... Jason... Vincent... Sheerah... so I followed them. Actually they also sent Isaiah off. While the younger ones went ice skating and the elder ones went to watch movie, I alone walked around the shopping complex :P At the end I went back in Dorcas' car driven by Simon. The brake got problem!

Next day... finally... we stayed until the afternoon, we went to Puduraya bus station to send off those people who was going home by bus. Then I splitted away, went to Maybank Tower trying to get my money (not quite successful), then... until at night I went to take bath in Billy's house and then take train back to Ipoh.

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