Thursday, February 5, 2009

ASOD 2009

Well... I have attended the Great Mission and Orang Asli village ministry... I took a train from Ipoh to Slim River on Sunday, 11th January 2009. When I told the counter "Nanti, pergi Slim River", she told me that the Sentral KL-Ipoh-Sentral KL shuttle train service is only available on weekdays, and on Sunday I have to get the night train, I insisted that I have checked online and there was supposed to be one at 2.25pm. So she checked in her computer, found one, and sold me the ticket. On the way, I found that this Ekspres Sinaran stopped at Batu Gajah, Kampar, then Slim River. No Tapah Road and Sungkai.

As I reached there, the ASOD mates hadn't come back, so I went shopping in Familimart. I also contacted Daniel Pua who was coming at that moment. He was coming by the night train, Ekspres Langkawi. He took bus from Melaka to Seremban, then took Komuter to KL Sentral, then took train.

For the dances, I was assigned to control the computer, as I cannot dance :P

The lesson has come - The Great Mission. This time conducted by Rev Stephen Soe, unlike last year which was by Rev Albert Tang. The lessons are really different - last year we concentrated studying the Book of Acts, while this year we really learned about evangelism, such as how to give testimonial... By the way Sheerah Lee joined us.

Then Orang Asli ministry - this time in Ulu Kampar, near Gopeng. We went there by Sri Maju bus, passing by Bidor via Federal Route, then get on the North-South Expressway... until Gopeng. Then we have lunch in Gopeng and then we went up the mountain by van and Jeep. Some left their unneeded things in Shalom Church Gopeng. As we reached somewhere, we started walking, as these vehicles could not enter. There were motorcycles carrying our luggages too.

Over there - only certain spots have very weak and unstable mobile phone signal. We could hardly contact the outside world. We slept 8pm on the first day! We played with those Orang Asli children, visiting around, playing in the river... And one night we have a preaching in the church. We presented dance, drama...

Then we went off as per coming. We went to Ipoh, stopped at St. Peter's Church (my territory!), then went to Wooley Food Court for lunch. Then we went to the Sri Maju main station in Ipoh. They went home by the Sri Maju buses. My dad came and fetch me.

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