Friday, February 13, 2009

ASOD -> Joshua Camp

Yea, after ASOD it is Joshua Camp - about full-time serving.

My parents came for the ASOD graduation ceremony. Since Isaiah also wanted to join the Joshua Camp (Bishop applied leave for him!), he followed my parents. Many other people came and watch the ceremony. We have dancing, testimonial, prize-giving ceremony... after this all ASOD mates went to KL except me! Actually I thought of going to Batu Caves on Sunday to watch the Thaipusam celebration, but my father forbid me, as the HINDRAF was going to have a demonstration there and might turn out into a riot. Actually I just wanted to try the Thaipusam train :D But anyway, my plan was a bit disrupted, that night only Pastor Raymond and I remained there...

Next day, I went out for my own breakfast, then Pastor Raymond took me out for a while (he had breakfast with 2 friends), then we came back and I stayed, while he took a few visiters to Orang Asli village in Slim. I get myself ready to leave, took lunch... Oops! I left my jacket in church!!!! Then I bought railway ticket to KL Sentral (3.45pm depart) and visit Chay Jia Jiunn's (a friend I had in Poi Lam) family optical shop. He wasn't around, so I talked to his mother... before I went to take train.

I arrived KL Sentral, then I found that there was Thaipusam train on that day too! So I decided to try the train. I took Komuter to Sentul, then queued up at the booth to buy a Thaipusam train ticket to Baru Caves. One ticket is RM2.20, a small piece of ticket. And... wow... full of Indians and a few foreign tourists... and you know what, I was the only non-Indian in the coach! The train was moving sloowwly all the way, along the way I saw railway crossings, 3 Komuter stations (Batu Kentonmen, Kampung Batu, Taman Wahyu) under construction. And finally... reached Batu Caves! I just walked around, not really watching the celebration (they was not having mass celebration) but saw many many stalls. I took a vegetarian burger as my dinner. The Indian boy at the stall speaks Mandarin! Then Itook the Thaipusam train back to Sentul, then took Komuter back to Salak South (I changed Komuter at Putra due to the Komuter System). Then called Pastor Jacob Bau to fetch me.

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