Monday, May 18, 2009

Went to KL again... I love KL

On 1st of May I went for the Diocesan Chinese Board AGM in Sunway Damansara Anglican Centre. Actually the St. Peter's Church + St. Paul's Centre van was full, St. Michael's Church van also penuh, Christ Church? Initially Pastor Nick only need to drive 2 from St. Augustine's Church, but suddenly he got to carry his whole family as well, so end up? I went to Slim River and seek for Rev Raymond Lai :-D

I took a train to Slim River, followed Raymond with his church members to Tanjung Malim for dinner, then came back and zzz... next morning he drove me to SDAC. We have Holy Communion service first, then breakfast, then Bishop's address (his speech) - Lay pastor and lay reader, development of the diocese, "Allah" word issue... then come to Q&A session. I have made 2 suggestions:

1. Promote the lay pastor's status to be equal with the lay reader. Yea, it is a new post so it is the lowest, but this is still unfair because at least they are respected by the congregration as seem that they are real pastors, so we call them something like "Pastor Lee" but we never address the lay readers something like "Lay Reader Tan"!

2. Lay readers who wish to obtain Licence C (licence to preach) must go for preaching lesson!

After that we have lunch, then reports from various departments, finally election for Heads of Departments. Some changes though. Then we have teatime, after that I followed the Our Saviour's Church van to Salak South, I was going to stay overnight in Eddy's place.

At night, we went to OSC, Eddy and Simon need to practice for the Praise and Worship on Sunday. Then met Joyce too. Other than that, the church was getting prepared for a marriage next day, the couple came from two different denominations, not Anglican. After that we went for supper... I was supposed to sleep with Eddy in a room, but end up I feel asleep in the living room!

On Saturday, before I woke up from my dream, I heard a door knocking sound, thought that it was my dad, so I woke up and answered "What?", and caught Eddy's attention! LOLLOLLOLLOL... Then Simon took his girlfriend and I for breakfast, I paid for all our drinks! :-D Then we went to OSC for a while, afterwards Eddy was going to Kajang Anglican Centre to teach guitar and Simon was going to help Christy to move her house, and I? Went wandering in KL! Haha... At night, Eddy's elder sister Joaan came back. There was a Youth Alpha course in OSC, so I went...

On Sunday, there was an English service in OSC, the sermon was about Christian and environment. Then later 11am I went to visit the Youth service. Er... the sermon is about practice and competition. Then the offertory song has one sentence which is so high pitch that even the girls couldn't sing! Haha... After service, Eddy and I got to rush, he sent me to Salak South Komuter station, I wanted to take train home... But as I reached KL Sentral and wanted to buy ticket, so many sold out, only expensive tickets available! Then I went on taking bus from Puduraya. Wow, why the bus air-cond seem not working!!?? So hot!!!!

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