Sunday, March 8, 2009

Until... 8 March 2009 (Women's Day + 308 political tsunami 1st anniversary)

LOL... 2 weeks never update... I even forgot my password :-P

There were twice I went to help typing in Ray of Hope, visited the ROH outlet in Parkson Grand (Ipoh Parade), last Sunday and today worshipped in Christ Church with Jonathan and his dad Yip Yung Min, ...

Now I'm studying theology every Tuesday night in St. Peter's Church, or in this case, Ipoh Theology Centre (ITC). It is the TEE course, if I get 60 credit hours then I'll get a diploma. Now I'm currently doing "Christian Ethics", 3 credit hours. Isaiah Kuah and May Lee came too! Besides us? Adults...

I'm also going to learn Macromedia/Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver, and Web hosting and management. Will study in Kompas. I'm going to learn these until May, before going to UTAR Kampar.

Seem that I'm going to start serving in St. Michael's Church Youth Fellowship. I've enrolled to be trained to become gamemaster. Eventually I can serve... :-)

I don't want to stay in St. Peter's Church anymore. It is so boring. I don't get anything. Spiritually empty. I never feel like I've worshipped God. Unlike those days in All Saints' Church KL. Now if I have a lot of money and time, I wish to wake up very early (4am!?), take a train down to KL and worship in All Saints' Church (English 9am, Cantonese/Mandarin 11am), then take a train back to Ipoh in the evening :-P I misssssssssssss Alllllllllllllllll Saintsssssssssssssssssssss' Churchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............................................. If I can drive myself, I would have gone to St. John's Church, maybe. How many months I've never sung hymns!? Oh yes by the way, I've calculated, if I really go to ASC KL every Sunday and come back, I need at least RM30 at once.

I miss MMU. I miss Cyberjaya. I miss Putrajaya. I miss Kuala Lumpur. I miss All Saints' Church. I miss St. Mary's Cathedral. I miss KL Sentral. I miss all the railway systems in the Klang Valley. I miss whatever I've been in the Klang Valley.

I miss everyone. Everyone in MMU. Everyone in ASC...

Calvin Choo, Fong Chee Fai, Wey Shu Wan, Jim Khoo, Yii Ching Ping, Soo Joon Keat, Amy Sim, Chow Lai Hoong, Chua Wang Ying, Muhammad Danial (pardon me if I've misspelled), Aniq Jashwa, Wan Nur Fasihah, Thanabalasingam Balaruban, Billy Lim, Jason Lim, Ryan Tan, Lai Poh Yee, Lai Poh Moon, Lai Poh Fui, Josephine Liew, Chong En Hui, Eddy Chin, Simon Chin, Dss. Chin Kho Nee, Rev. Jacob Bau, Rt. Rev. Tan Sri Dr. Lim Cheng Ean, Ev. Ding Poi Haw, Rev. Peter Cheung, etc. etc. etc.(just list out some important people I miss :-P)

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