Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One month...

Things happened, such as...

My notebook computer WiFi device actually broke down long ago, so the whole computer was taken to fix this problem, after 3 weeks I took back this computer!

On 5 July it was Chinese Board Sunday for St. Peter's Church, so Rev David Teh came and give sermon in both Mandarin (4 July) and Cantonese services. But he's from Penang (St. Paul's Church), can't speak Cantonese, so he preached in Mandarin anyway. Actually in this programme, Chinese pastors (Priests, Deacons and Deaconess) within the Diocese of West Malaysia exchange churches to give sermon. I thought this happen on the same day, so I thought Rev Stephen Soe from St Paul Penang came to St Michael's Church Kampung Tawas, so I went, ARGH! Nonono, not the same day, that day it was Rev Frank Lin preaching. Frank Lin will go to Church of the Redeemer Butterworth end of this month, Rev Gideon Lee will go to St. Paul's Church Petaling Jaya next month.

And... what else?

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