Sunday, April 19, 2009

Since birthday until now...

LOL... again... one month never update... forgot my password again :-P Luckily still can suddenly remember (thanks God my memory is not as worse as the previous time - had to reset password)

Erm... these weeks are quite special, even though weekdays I still stay at home for nothing (except every Tuesday night I go for TEE). for 3 Saturdays I have been away from St. Peter's Church and St. Michael's Church, and 2 Sundays I have been away from Christ Church and St. Peter's Church. Yea, did I say I go to Christ Church? Every Sunday morning I do go to Christ Church before St. Peter's Church.

Okay, for the 3 weeks - the first Saturday I went to UTAR Kampar Open Day. Went for Psychology, English Language, Bioscience and Chemistry, and Business Administration. For English Language, there were only TWO of us being registered to the talk! Then obtained the application form. I spent days to think, and choose - Chemistry, English Language, Business Administration, Psychology, and Business Administration (Entrepreneurship).

2nd week - went to Slim River after our "Cheng Beng". Because I left my jacket in the church. No Youth Fellowship on that day :-( Rev Raymond Lai was not feeling well. He asked me to translate his sermon on Sunday (it's a Cantonese-English bilingual service) - he speak in Cantonese while I say in English. He thought that translation should be easy can can be done in half an hour! But anyway he gave me his Chinese script and I spend THREE HOURS translating and printed out... He slept about 10pm on Saturday night... Then on Sunday, I went back to Ipoh by train in the afternoon, Pastor Raymond wanted to go back to KL and rest...

3rd week - celebrated Last Supper in Cornerstone Sanctuary (combined service for St. Peter's Church, St. Michael's Church, St. Augustine's Church, Cornerstone Sanctuary and Hallelujah Church), then went to All Saints' Church KL for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Really different - quite traditional. I stayed overnight in the church. On Saturday morning we have a memorial service for all the dead members (something new for me!), the in the afternoon I attended the English Youth. On Sunday Bishop Lim Cheng Ean (being the vicar) baptised 3 babies in the English service. OnMonday I went to MMU to get signature for my form to stop PTPTN loan, then "chase" after my deposit. Thay said - "7 working days"! Hello! Last time they promised 2 or 3 weeks! Perhaps Daniel Pua is correct - need 3 months. Then I submitted my from to the PTPTN One Stop Centre in KL Sentral, before I took train back to Ipoh.

4th week - back to St. Peter's Church, St. Michael's Church and Christ Church...

Now St. Peter's Church is going to have Food & Fun Fair - tomorrow. Raise fund for Anglican Village Ministry.

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